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protect your family use our sex predator maps is part of Orbizon Inc., a privately owned web development and technology company based in Orem, Utah committed to building interactive, easy to use websites that aid users in a variety of ways. All of our websites are user friendly and provide a vast amount of information in an accessible format.

The purpose of this site is to inform the general community of sex offenders in their area in a straightforward way. Sex offender registries have been on the internet for many years, but they are hard to find and even more difficult to use. is simply a map so that the data can be easily viewed. Each sex offender is highlighted on the map and you can zoom in to view the offender, address, and other information. The map also links to the state registry for additional information such as the vehicles offenders drive and their convictions. Parents concerned about their neighborhood or those who are moving can use this free service to make sure they are in a safe neighborhood. maps all sex offenders in ALABAMA,  ALASKA,  ARIZONA,  ARKANSAS,  CALIFORNIA,  COLORADO,  CONNECTICUT,  DELAWARE,  FLORIDA,  GEORGIA,  HAWAII,  IDAHO,  ILLINOIS,  IOWA,  INDIANA,  KANSAS,  KENTUCKY,  LOUISIANA,  MARYLAND,  MASSACHUSETTS,  MICHIGAN,  MINNESOTA,  MISSISSIPPI,  MISSOURI,  NEBRASKA,  NEW HAMPSHIRE,  NEW JERSEY,  NEW MEXICO,  NEW YORK,  NORTH DAKOTA,  NORTH CAROLINA, OHIO,  OKLAHOMA,  PENNSYLVANIA,  RHODE ISLAND,  TENNESSEE,  TEXAS,  VIRGINIA,  WASHINGTON,  WEST VIRGINIA,  WISCONSIN,  WYOMING. It is our goal to map all 50 states in an interactive, easy to use design.

Our websites include: maps sex offenders in 45 states with the goal of mapping all 50 as soon as possible. We have mapped more sex offender data information than any other website and have more to come.

Praise for

Although I was somewhat alarmed at the number of offenders in and around my hometown, I think this is one of the most awesome websites I've ever seen!  Thank you and keep up the great work!

I specialize in Missing Persons, and it has been a daunting task to go to different sites to accumulate recent data on the neighborhoods that are involved in my searches. You have done a grand job with your site! It is easy to use and I will pass out the link to all my clients and colleagues.

My 12-year-old daughter waits for the school bus out in the open, exposed to everyone that drives down a major street. Before your service came online, it was very difficult to get people to understand how close sex offenders were to us. We very much appreciate your service as it has helped us a lot in our fight in trying to make our daughter a little safer. Thanks so much.

Wow!  Thank you for being the "eyes" for our children!  This is the type of information parents need to be able to gain access to with ease. My sister is thinking of moving near us and now she can make sure to stay away from certain areas and feel safe.

This is great! Much more user-friendly than my state/county sex offender registry! Thanks!

It's hard to know what to say when you discover your child's friend has a father convicted of sex abuse of a minor. I am extremely grateful that I am aware of this information because of your site. Thank you for making this information easily accessible so I can better protect my children from the potential risks around them. Please don't let anything happen to this site. It has been needed for a VERY long time. Thank you for all the hard work!

My wife and I are planning to move soon, and we have two teenagers. This will help in our move.

Our efforts have received national attention from sources like MSNBC, Newsweek, FoxNews Live, and other media.

Seeking Donations
We are running this site as a community service. We are currently seeking corporate sponsors that would be interested in joining us in this effort. If you would like to make a donation or help us in this effort please contact us at or you can make a donation online through paypal using the button below.

Or if you perfer to send a donation by check please make it out to Orbizon and send it to the following address:
                              1469 N 1200 W
                              Orem, UT, 84057
        (please write as a note)

Thank you for your help in spreading the word to your friends and family about this public resource.
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