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1. How did you find out about
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3. How would you rate your interest in local sex offender information?
Very Interested
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Not Interested
4. Have you or anyone you know been the victim of a sexual offence?
5. Which best describes you as a user of
Concerned Individual
Victim of a Sexual Offence
Sex Offender
User of Sex Offender Information for My Work
6. For whom are you most concerned about the possible threat of a sex offender?
Your Spouse
Your Children
Your Grandchildren
Other Family Member or Loved Ones
Others in General
Not Concerned
7. What do you like most about
8. What do you like least about
9. How would you suggest we improve
10. Why do you use
11. What do you use for?
12. What is your occupation?
Not employed or homemaker
Management, professional, or related occupation
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Sales or office occupation
Farming, fishing, or forestry occupation
Production, transportation, or material moving occupation
13. What is your marital status?
Single, never married
14. How many children do you have?
15. When were you born?
16. What gender are you?
17. What is your race?
Black or African American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Pacific Islander
Other race
18. What is your ethnicity?
Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino
19. What is your household income?
20. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Less than 12th grade, no diploma
High School Graduate or GED
Some college, no degree
Associate's degree
Bachelor's degree
Graduate or professional degree
21. How many times have you visited in the last 12 months?
22. How frequently do you visit
Once a Day
Once a Week
Once a Month
Once Every 6 Months
Less Than Once Every 6 Months
23. How likely would you be to pay a nominal fee for
regular, email updates with new, local, sex offender information?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not likely
Not at all likely
24. What is the most you would spend per month for
regular, email updates with new, local, sex offender information?
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